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Squash Balls
Roman Day

'Better together...'


Welcome to the Our School Federation of primary schools website. 

Our federation consists of four vibrant, high achieving, creative and supportive primary schools situated within a six mile radius of each other. 

We are:

All our schools have long and proud histories in serving our communities. We are all unique and that is what makes us special. All our schools have been judged by Ofsted as good or outstanding.

Our Federation was established in 2010 with a clear vision of raising 'Aspirations', developing a strong 'Community' and valuing the 'Diversity' of each school. This vision still holds true today as we move forward into the next chapter of our development.

The Federation prides itself on providing a friendly, caring, family environment within which children can flourish. We offer children the best learning environments, the best teachers and the best support to enable every child to reach their potential.

We really do believe that we work 'better together'.

  • Staff work together - improving practice and developing partnerships;
  • Children work together - improving learning and building relationships;
  • Our budget is brought together - improving resources and best value; and
  • Leadership works together - improving opportunties and outcomes for children.

We are constantly challenging ourselves and each other through the networks we have built between the schools. Learning from each other's strengths and supporting each other with areas for development. We are constantly striving for excellence, securing high levels of achievement and outstanding opportunties for all our children.

This website will give you a good insight into what we are about and into what we have already achieved together.

Don't take our word for it, our children are our best ambassadors come and meet them. They would be delighted to tell you about their school.


Mark Oakshott and Michael Rolls

(Executive Headteacher Partnership - Our School Federation)

Children, Young People and Families Alliance

Devon County Council and its partners are developing a new way of working together to improve the lives of all children, young people and families in Devon called the Children, Young People and Families Alliance.

Roman Mosaics

We found out that the floors in the homes of wealthy Romans were decorated with mosaics.  We worked with a partner or in a group to create some mosaic pictures.  It was hard work and took a long time.  We think our mosaics are brilliant.  What do you think?


Can you fix It? Yes we can!

Fix it.jpg

Look at the concentration as our builders saw, fix and mend in the Builder's DIY shop.  Any jobs taken on big or small.

The children are learning to use tools carefully to saw wood and hammer in nails to make their own creations.

Codes and Ciphers

Talented Year 2 and 3 mathematicians from across the Federation met for a session on Codes and Ciphers.  They looked at how people in history (for example, Julius Caesar and the Ancient Egyptians) communicated secret messages.  After solving a series of given codes and ciphers, the children soon got to work on creating their own.

The group are looking forward to meeting up again for a second session in March.

G+T_Codes and Ciphers1G+T_Codes and Ciphers2G+T_Codes and Ciphers3G+T_Codes and Ciphers4G+T_Codes and Ciphers5G+T_Codes and Ciphers6G+T_Codes and Ciphers7

Y1 Multi-Skills

Y1 children from East Allington, Blackawton and Stoke Fleming enjoyed an afternoon of multi-skills at Quayside Leisure Centre on Monday 13th January. We met up with Y1 children from other local schools to take part in a range of sporting activities including racquet skills, parachute games, gymnastics and target practice.  We had a brilliant time and moved about a lot ….. hence why some of our photographs are a little bit blurry!


Fascinating Fractals

Children from Blackawton, East Allington and Stoke Fleming Primary Schools have completed their second ’Gifted and Talented’ maths workshop of the year under the direction of Mr Matt James from Kingsbridge Community College.

Egyptian Fractions

Children from Blackawton, East Allington and Stoke Fleming Primary Schools have completed their first ’Gifted and Talented’ maths workshop of the year under the direction of Mr Matt James from Kingsbridge Community College.

For a quick warm-up, the children were asked to work together in teams to find the easiest way to divide five slices of bread equally between four people initially and then eight people. 

September in the Foundation Stage Unit


We are all enjoying being back in the Unit after the holidays….. but not so much the weather!

We are still making the most of the outdoor area splashing in the puddles, playing in a soggy sand pit (honest, we had so much fun!) and catching the rain in buckets.